ascension 1568162 1280The focus of many today is how they are to become financially stable and also to become educated. Of course, these things are not bad, but they will not really build you up spiritually. The changes in our way of life and our culture make it very difficult for us to grow spiritually. But you don’t have to be like every other person who is spiritually malnourished; there are certain things you could do to build your spiritual health.
In this article, we are going to be looking at a number of things you can easily do to build your spiritual life.

1. Pray

Prayer is an integral part of our worship to God. So in order to become spiritually firm, you need to make prayer an important part of your routine. What this means is that you need to increase the time you spend praying to God. Prayer should not be something you do only when you are in serious trouble and you need Jehovah’s help. Rather you need to build a closer relationship with Jehovah through constant prays.

2. Be Grateful

Down to this point in your life, Jehovah has been blessing you; he has been keeping you alive. Of course, you may not have everything you want, but you need to be grateful for everything you have. The best way you can show that you are grateful is by talking to Jehovah in prayer and telling him how much you appreciate all the things he has giving you. Even when you are having a difficult time, you also have to be grateful and have the confidence that things will get better.

3. Read and mediate on the scripture

This is one of the best ways you can build your spiritual life. The bible is not a novel or a storybook so it is may not be an exciting read at first. But if you keep on reading it you are definitely going to benefit from it. Many, who read the bible, do not really find time to meditate on what they have read. You should not be like them; you should create time to meditate on the things you have read about in the scriptures. Try to see practical ways to can apply the things you have read.

Final note

Becoming spiritually strong is never easy, it requires discipline. If you apply the tips in this article you can be confident that your relationship with Jehovah will become stronger.