It is the goal of every Christian to grow spiritually and become closer to Jehovah. But there are certain habits that have prevented many from becoming spiritually strong. These habits have stunned the spiritual growth of many.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look some habits that can inhibit your spiritual growth.

anger 18615 1280A bad temper

As Christians, we need to always try to control our temper. Of course, it is not going to be easy but we need to try our best. If you lash out and lose your temper because of what someone said or did, you are likely going to do or say something you will regret. If you have to bad temper, you are definitely not going to grow spiritually. Seeking peace by apologizing even when someone wrongs you is the hallmark of spiritual maturity. Each time you lose your temper there is a high possibility that you have stumbled someone. If you want to grow spiritually, you have to keep your temper in check.

Poor bible study routine

The way that Jehovah talks to us today is through the scriptures. Therefore, in order for you to become spiritually strong, you need to create time to read the bible on a daily basis. Psalms 1:2 encourages us a Christians, to read the bible on a regular basis. If you read the bible regularly you are going to become closer to Jehovah and your faith in him will grow. If you don’t read the bible you are going to be filled with doubts and questions.

Another thing you should not ignore is prayer.  Prayer is basically the only way we can talk to Jehovah. If two close friends stop communicating with each other for a very long time, their bond is going to become weak.

In the same light, if you want to become spiritually strong, you need to make prayer a part of your daily routine. When praying pour out your hearth to Jehovah, tell him about the challenges that you are going through and thank him for all the things he has done for you. If you are able to do this continuously your relationship with Jehovah is going to become firm and he will continue to bless and sustain you.

Final note

If you apply the tips in this article, you will become spiritually firm and strong.