morning runningThis year I made a new years resolution. Unlike other years I planned on keeping this one. My resolution was to improve my fitness and one such practice I have put into place is morning running sessions.This year I made a new years resolution. Unlike other years I planned on keeping this one. My resolution was to improve my fitness and one such practice I have put into place is morning running sessions.

Getting out for a morning run is awesome. At first I found it hard to get started. But once I passed the first week of continually doing it, I formed a routine. Now 6 months into I actually feel bad if I miss it. My body has grown to enjoy the running which is great for my physical and also mental fitness.

Sure I have noticed my physical strength and endurance increase which is what you would expect with regular exercise. But also I find the time running in the early hours of the morning very therapeutic. This time with myself and the birds as they too are waking up allows me to think about and plan my day. When I get home afterwards I find the next few hours very productive. Way more than before. Waking up and hitting the work straight away always had a slow start. First off I would need to hit the coffee and take some time to wake up. Now I just get up and run. During this time my body wakes up and I plan the day.

One thing I have noticed more frequently is the amount of abandoned cars around my area. It's quite astonishing. After all local wreckers often pay thousands for broken cars. It just amazes me how someone can leave so much money just laying on the side of the road. Even if the owner of the vehicle didn't want the car anymore and was not interested in the money, why not just get the wrecker to come and collect it for free? At least we would regain some of our beautiful country back and not have it polluted with broken down cars along the side of the road.

Are you a morning runner? You should be. Not only will it add to your fitness level but also your mind will have time to think and reflect on things as you have time to yourself to focus on your upcoming busy day and life. Happy running!


BodyisaTempleHave you ever heard the expression: "Your Body is a Temple"?

I am guessing yes, after all it is a common saying for people with our frame of mind. But have you ever taken the time out to really delve into its meaning?

As with any saying its interpretation and meaning can vary between the consumer as we all have different past experiences and outlooks on life in general. However the nuts and bolts of this saying remains constant amongst us all. 

You body is a sacred place that should be treated with the respect that it deserves.

Everyone knows that a temple in essence is a place of worship that demands respect, politeness and decency. This respect should ensure that you would never damage, defame or pollute a temple. If you did you would be punished by the temple's guards or the temple's community. The same principal applies in the saying when we are talking about our bodies being a temple.

To truly take this saying and make it valuable to your life you need to live by this principal. Far too often people throw sayings around however never do what they say or live by their own rules. For instance one may say. I live a healthy life, yet they do things that they know are destructive to their health out of habit or addiction. Smoking, drinking, excessive watching of TV or just plain being lazy are all examples of this.

If your body was truly a temple there would be guards protecting it. However sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Smoking is essentially damaging your lungs, throat, heart and other vital organs. Damaging a temple would never be allowed and hence your temples guards would step in. If you live by "You body is a temple" philosophy you would stepped in before you allow yourself to smoke and cause damage to yourself instead of turning a blind eye to this abuse.

Take from this article what you will but just know that you are in control of your body and your destiny. If you believe that your body is a temple (I believe mine is, but whatever you believe will be true for you) then act like it. Take action when someone is causing damage to your temple - including yourself.

Things are not always true or false; black or white so its important to use your sound judgement and make the decision with your best intentions at heart. After all that is what temple leaders must do when they are changing the future of their temple so learn from this principal and apply it well.